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Visionvest Financial Planning & Services Inc. is a White Rock-based financial advisory firm, owned and operated by Arnold Machel, Chartered Financial Planner since 1995. It is our commitment to provide sound tax and investment advice you can trust.

At Visionvest Financial Planning & Services Inc., our mission is simple: to effect positive change in the financial lives of our clients. To that end we provide personalized financial advice designed to minimize the long term financial concerns of our clients and their families while maximizing their security and reducing the bite they pay to the tax man.

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Cash Damming is relatively simple in concept. It’s the implementation that can be difficult! We are pleased to help our clients properly implement the program in such a way as to remain on the right side of the tax law at all times. In short, we will help set you up so that you can easily implement the 4 simple steps required:

  1. Use your business income to pay your personal debts
  2. Borrow the money to cover the business expenses incurred that you would otherwise have used your business income for
  3. Deduct the interest on the borrowed money
  4. Wisely spend your tax refund
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